Stranded I sit, 

Waiting for you.

Alone I wait, 


Knowing not what to do.

I cannot move

I cannot say.

I cannot live

I cannot stay.

This earth is dying and i see it all so clear.

The water it runs over my hands so I may hear.

Life it drifts

As millions parish at the hand of,


Egg shells stepped on,

For they cared not to step around.

Belittle, weary, devine.

It's changing this world and I see it falling.

I know it's happening,

I see mother;

Throw us to the wolves,

Bite our bones,

Chew our sinews and sip the marrow.

Lick the wound and lather in



Become ethereal and

infinity benine.

Fly away in the abandoned sky,

With a femur in my mouth!



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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