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If i could get the single chance  I’d have a word or two with Hades  I would tell it to him clear and straight  About my thoughts on how he made these 
5 people from different worlds They teach us as their universe swirled   The 1st guided by the strings of his guitar He fell for her from a far He turned his neck to see her fade
why, I am but a modern Orpheus I open my delicate ribcage and beckon your song from my heartstrings pulling each tender note out to ring through the air why, if I could place my love for you
Walk, don't look behind. Wait, she's far behind. Hope, she'll follow behind. Stop, don't look behind. Walk, you hear her steps. Wait, don't see her steps. Hope, those are her steps.
We were as happy as any two people could ever be,I loved listening to your songs, each one sounded handmade just for me,when we were together the stars seemed to aline,there was no problem we couldn't fix as long as I knew you were mine,that was u
Orpheus, guitar extraordinaire, the King of Rock, and Apollo’s heir. His music loved around the world,  though, he only cared for the love of one girl. Darling Eurydice, the love of his life
Fangs sunk through her ankle. Blood and venom mixed. Collapsed upon the ground, the young oak nymph lay dying.   She had not strength to cry. Her sweet brown eyes faded,
I know you lost your wife, And you have much strife With Thantos. But please be weary, The Underworld will bring many challenges. A challenge that will be the hardest thing you have done.
Euridice, Euridice, my dearest love,Please fly back my little bird.Where is my little dove?I beg you, please return.Euridice, Euridice, o’ brightest star,Please return to evening sky.
With one word, he takes me in the clouds or down to Hades, his willing Eurydice just waiting until he decides to turn around all too soon. When that happens, of course
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