Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus, guitar extraordinaire,

the King of Rock, and Apollo’s heir.

His music loved around the world,

 though, he only cared for the love of one girl.

Darling Eurydice, the love of his life

and one magical day, she would be his wife.

Sad to say, that love did end

when she was gone, his lover and friend.

A rainy night took her away

when a car didn’t stop, and for that, she payed.

The music was gone and with her it died,

that beautiful spark of joy in his eye.

The King of Rock knew he had to get her back

so he went to New York with a plan of attack.

With his guitar he went, tears in his eyes

to Hades and the Underworld to reverse her demise.

When he saw the building, the Empire State,

to see Eurydice, he could hardly wait.

At the opening of the doors, Cerberus he saw

but a quiet strum closed the beast’s cruel maw.

Then to Charon, the elevator guard,

he handed a Benjamin and again played guitar.

The elevator opened and down he went

into Hell itself, on his mission bent.

When he finally reached the Underworld’s King,

Hades was solemn, until Orpheus started to sing.

Persephone wept, and the Dark King teared up,

 “Eurydice is yours, but one challenge I must put up.

For you cannot look at her until you reach the Earth,

or else she’ll return and cancel her rebirth.”

So Orpheus left, his love not far behind,

and though when he spoke she responded, doubt was still on his mind.

When the elevator had almost reached the surface,

he took a glance that defeated his purpose.

Back down to Hades, his lover fell

and full of guilt, he went once more to hell.

His request was denied, as the challenge was failed

so Orpheus drank himself to death and the world wailed.

Two young lovers were lost in a week,

and they hadn’t even reached life’s peak.


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