Don't turn back

We were as happy as any two people could ever be,I loved listening to your songs, each one sounded handmade just for me,when we were together the stars seemed to aline,there was no problem we couldn't fix as long as I knew you were mine,that was until the rose-colored glasses turned white, 
 During one of your songs I heard you sing, I felt my eyes shed tears as bitter as pomegranate seeds,every note became a jolt to my heart that gave me an epiphany:my heart could no longer bare our empty promises to each other so it tore your smile from my memory and shattered every chain of love that I had so that I would leave as quickly as I came, 
 To the world, I became nothing but another missing person,I vanished like the sun before a lunar eclipse,not even I remembered who I was anymore but you still kept trying to find me,
  You looked for my smile in other women,searching for my voice in your dreams,tried to find some piece of me that you could still have for yourself even when I left with nothing but a weary heart a trail of fading memories
  One night I heard you call for me in a dream and I remembered every reason we fell in love,running through a forest of our fondest memories I chased your voice until I thought you glanced at me,I didn't know why you didn't smile at me, you just kept walking farther away,drifting like the ghost of our love that still haunts me,I don't know if you remember but I tried to call youI heard you say something on the receiver but every word I tried to speak was muffled by my want for you to set me free,
  "Don't turn back!" I tried to yell but there was only a silent scream,those three words jumping through my mind like the day you said you loved me,"Don't turn back!"I remember the day I saw you on the news,I saw you cry and beg in front of cameras and reporters saying how much you wanted me home,"Don't turn back!"my feet began to shuffle along the forest floor until I tripped,instead of a branch, I saw a snake,I watched motionless as it slithered its way toward you,I realized my name became an echo in your mouth that played on repeat,as malignant as a pit full of vipers that suddenly formed around me, 
  I cried your name so many times you suddenly looked at me,for just a moment, you saw me not as the love of your life, but as the canary in the coal mines that stopped singing: so disappointing,
I felt the ground begin to shake as I was dragged down by the weight of your grief in my heart,
 I woke up from my haze and saw a text I never knew you sent me, 
you told me how much you loved me and said you couldn't live without me,
and you didn't,
the picture from your obituary was the only thing that still lived on.


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