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Look at my skin, all you see is a black man Look in my mind, all you see is a dove Part of me falls into oppression and hatrid The other part of me looks to Rise above Spread your wings and fly my child
Why do roses bloom, Though the piercing, winter gales, Crush their souls to nought?  
Everyday I walk through this down trodden Earth.
Invisible Knight             Hefting sightless armor             Decorated in gold talons             Your wrath is unmatched             As your peace is unequaled  
Anticipation grips the air with unearthly forceAs the opposition stands with ready armsThe goal more than to inflict just harmAn ink laden sword holds more weight: endorse
The hallowed layers of deepened high shrieks, stained into the walls of the mind, it never fades, never passes by, heart-racing anticipation of yet to come, hurt from the developed fear made to scare,
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