The Eyes Of A Human Being

Look at my skin, all you see is a black man

Look in my mind, all you see is a dove

Part of me falls into oppression and hatrid

The other part of me looks to Rise above

Spread your wings and fly my child

In the heavens no one can hurt you

But they'll Always be a man with another motive

Aiming at the sky to hurt you

Black and white, red and blue

Two colors at war

From fist fighting to guns ringing out

Violence fills the allure

Look at my brother and you'll see a black man

Aiming a glock at the temple of another nigga

Just because he reps another color

He has no hesitation to pull the trigger

The white man locks him up, with no hesitaion

Then goes out and kills a black boy

Putting the world in frustration

You see the cycle? 

You see the treasure?

For some reason, Killing makes us come together 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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