O Captain My Captain Scholarship

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When I was down You were always around A strong hand on my shoulder Your presence was never unaccounted for Allowing my tears to cascade down my cheeks
O Librarian, My Librarian When an insecure young child I had been, my imagination you did expand Because the kindness of your heart gifted me a haven  as your soothing voice took me to different lands
My mentor is the weighty, wheezing breath at the top of a steep hill  on days when I already know I’m late for first period. It's the carbon dioxide my lungs won’t let out in a sharpie-smeared bathroom stall
One Mistake… It was one little mistake. Amidst years of training and finally getting to a college level, I had to sit out. I had to wait.
When I was a kid, I loved to write. I wrote the stars into the sky, the smile on my mother’s face. I wrote the words that my soul whispered
You who made this beautiful world Colors vibrant and colors bold.  Are you anything like the stories they told In the days of old?  In the days far past,  Below seas of glass  Or above the sky so blue?
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