Forever Grateful

When I was down

You were always around

A strong hand on my shoulder

Your presence was never unaccounted for

Allowing my tears to cascade down my cheeks

You remained steady as they rained to the floor

You always suggested to just stay in bed

Never scolding me for sleeping the day away

Tucking me under the covers day and night

Soon I didn’t mind your extended stay

Your arms open wide

I ran into them for escape

Yet soon my heart began to see

My thanks turned to hate as I realized

That you, grief, were no good for me

I took your hand off my shoulder

Freeing myself from your weight

I turned from your arms

And left you with my melancholy state

No longer dark and dreary

My eyes focused on color again

Smiles in times of trial

Stretched the more I was dedicated to making others grin

I replaced you with friends and family

They caught my tears instead of encouraging them to fall

Although I live with a hole in my heart

It taught me the greatest lesson of all

To love is to lose

It’s a reward worth the risk

It is better to have loved and lost

Then to be foreign to it

So I thank you grief

Our relationship was not in vain

For when I decided to lose you

It was love that I gained


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