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For one month, I've been smoke free.31 days ago, I put smoking behind me.God and the nicotine patches have helped me and I'm grateful.And without those patches, the nicotine withdrawal would've made me become hateful.
Mommy where have you beenUp in your headIn your own little mindWith the alcohol and nicotineI miss you momBack in your sober daysI miss comin home to see you smiling
She traded scars for callouses,and silver stained fingertips,rubber shaving bits sticking to her shirt,she drew and wrote the pain away,for all that it was worth,  
Nicotine  That beautiful toxic chemical  That disgustingly addictive drug
It made my stomach wretch to see you together Your ravished lips pressed against her Lungs pining for her siren's breath Fingers stroking her paper skin, like a beggar
Roses are red, violets are blue, Theres noone in this world, Id rather be with than you, Counting the petals, I love you, i love you not, Counting and counting, Connecting the dots,
Broken promises left in the open The stench of nicotine and dried up roses Clouded vision by the smoke Don't think, don't think, don't speak Cold air filling a dried throat Whispered screams in the sheets
Alocohol, Caffine, and NicotineSkipped AD’s, hellish dreams Sex, drugs, out of bowlsOCD, no control Depression and anxietyMind held captive, life lived free
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