Nicotine and Roses


Broken promises left in the open

The stench of nicotine and dried up roses

Clouded vision by the smoke

Don't think, don't think, don't speak

Cold air filling a dried throat

Whispered screams in the sheets

Why me, why me, save me please

Shaky hands placed in pockets

Mind racing

Nothing stops it

Don't freak, don't freak, just breathe

Count to ten do it again

Yelling and screaming

Cover your ears

Don't leave, don't leave, I need you please

Slamming doors and silence left

Nothing but the heartless dread

Go to sleep, go to sleep, dream

Foggy pictures bright lights

Laughter and beautiful sights

Happiness and tears of joy

Don't wake, don't wake, let me stay

Beat red mixed with white

Swollen cheeks from crying all night

Smile, smile, don't be weak

Loneliness and impending doom

Avoid all interactions

Promise to never get close again

Don't lie, don't lie, I still love you alright

Scratch the wrist

Count the beat

One two three one two three


Head down and avoid the cracks

Step on one you'll break your mothers back

Don't touch, don't touch, avoid all contact

Dash left dash right

Stop, clear your mind

I'm going to be fine, I'm going to be fine, right?

Folded hands

And tightly shut eyes

Whispered prayers in daylight

Please God, please God, amen goodbye

Remember to lie

Ignore the mind

Keep on saying I'm fine

You okay, you okay, yes I am

Don't hit

Don't scream

Don’t spaz

Don't dream

Stay awake, stay awake, no sleep

Tired soul

Battered thoughts

Blabber on and on 

Be quiet, be quiet, ignore

Go home into a different world

Darker than one use to see

Quieter then it use to be

I miss you, I miss you, come home

Small steps and large sighs

Quieter and quieter

Except for the cries

Be brave, be brave, not today

Turn down every picture

Throw away the memories

Forget what use to be

No more, no more, forget the world

Tick tock time goes by

Bright light to the darkest midnight

No moon no stars

Nothing to heal these open scars

Too dark, to dark, like the heart

The cries become louder than before

Loneliness fills the room more and more

The walls are closing in

There’s a lack of oxygen

Love me, love me, please I'm so lonely

Each breath harder to take

The air filled with that awful taste

The smell burns the nose

Of the dreadful nicotine and dried rose

Nicotine and roses, nicotine and roses, so intoxicating its poisonous


Ms. Wannabe Poetry

The last line, nicotine and roses, nicotine and roses, so intoxicating it's posienous. When I wrote that line I realized that this poem took on a life of its own. Those two smells inspired me to produce something that dictated much of my life for such a long time. 


Thanks so much for sharing this on Power Poetry!

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