Marine Corps

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Independance Day is a celebration Freedom and life in remembrance Fireworks blast in the distance One night filled with fustration   Reading posts of long messages Facebook turned into a pit of sorrow
Coffee black The sound of gunshots in my ear As i watch the video, gloved hand on gun, the sounds echoing But i don’t even drink coffee
MARINE   I love my mentor to death like I would die for the man With him in my life cant say that god ain't got plans He was more to me than a teacher, although he did teach
From then to today  the flag that stood so tall in the sky, held by the weight of more than just the soldiers that grasped it the soldiers that fought so hard, so much 
The man next to me. Usually in a camo uniform. Or a blue jacket. He has tags around his neck. A shaven clean face. And the American flag painted on his shoulder. I look at him.
A moment of insecurity in January of 2016 caused me to make the most careless decision that led me straight to you through an online dating app. This is how 2016 introduced me to most enchanting, loving, and selfless U.S.
At the crack of dawn PT is on Then some breakfast It isn't the best Video games on my futon Until the armory calls upon Cleaning my gat I wish we could have a cat Waiting on formation
Of the United States Marine Corps. From 1957 to 1968. In the late 1990s, I was going to a gathering. Of Marines, and my son ask me. Dad, why are you going hundreds of miles.
United States Marine Corps. Do some pushups on the floor. Run the mile more and more. Training for the war.   Defend my country left and right. US Marines, oh what a sight.
The hills and fields roll with blades of green; Dotted, by white marble stones standing in silence; Glistening in midnight dew. Under the stars there will be, A congregation of the sorrowful, strong, and few.
bang bang bang bang bang the platoon caught under fire a day for heroes
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