I love my mentor to death

like I would die for the man

With him in my life cant say that god ain't got plans

He was more to me than a teacher,

although he did teach

 He was more to me than a speaker,

 but he is why this boy speaks

Don't misunderstand I didn't meet him while in school

surrounded by books or surrounded by rules 

Met him for the first time in the house of the lord

the only major book around was the rules, was the sword

He supported me while I fought

Supported me while I walked

Taught a boy how to move and a boy when to stop

See fam was out the country for years

left young Midas in tears,

everytime only left to write a rhyme

Just trying to pass the time

nothing but belittling from wack faux peers

Found a Marine captain of a ship that actually steers

Someone else that was a lion from the start 

Someone else that understood the fire of the heart

See my pain wasn't in vain man I learned from it all 

And got a soldier in my corner if I'm ready to brawl

but his wave wasn't to grow up hard, 

but to go to Harvard

and be a star through rhyme

an through time medicine 

conquering every sin 

Derek is heaven sent 

A marine that runs the show

yeah there is no messing round 

in a cheesy movie quote

I am the Capitan now




This poem is about: 
My family


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