It's Too Late but Your Life Continues

Sat, 02/23/2019 - 07:10 -- swainza

Independance Day is a celebration

Freedom and life in remembrance

Fireworks blast in the distance

One night filled with fustration


Reading posts of long messages

Facebook turned into a pit of sorrow

Feared in presage

Time of life narrowed


July 4, 3,000 miles away

Praying to God felt like the first time

Drawn to bent knees as night turned grey

Memories flashed back of lifetime


Suicide and loss

Friend and brother

Truth could not cross

How I couldn't be there for my brother


Airway tickets and flying home

Emergency leave and on my phone

Pain caused by fear because I was alone

Fear in that room as I roamed


Fear as I walked past the tears

Fear as I hugged everyone in presence

Fear as I stood up front with peers

Fear as I was in acceptance


Fear as I starred at this picture

Dress blues coat and white cover

I was stuck in stricture

Fear of "why" is the reason to uncover


Fear is still unknown

Statistic of 22 kill now in my life

I will walk to let it be known

This fear I face is for many a strife


I am and forever now

Walking this life in your name

In support until every last bone

Is where I am with you walking in place the same


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My family
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