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I'm writing even though I have a fuck ton of homework to do. I can't help it, she is stuck on my mind. So let me tell you about the girl who doesn't let me eat out of tupaware, to her the food is prepared and plated with love.
Her. She is mind blowingly beautiful.
My moms sent me an email and said read it and do what I do best which is telling the truth.   See I’m only 20 and I love to spit the truth because I make people think about something that they thought they already knew.  
Society judges me like the God I don't believe in My mother smiles at me warm and comforting My friends congrat me but the meaning is empty The are congratulating something they see as trending
PrejudiceHateSo wrongWhat gives you the rightTo decide who I love?What gives you the rightTo detest me for my differences?What tells you that it's okayYou tell me I'll never be loved
  Every hour of Every day through All the years One question twirled through My mind   What am I?   And on the Twelfth hour of A random day I
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