What It's Like To Be Southern And Gay


United States

Society judges me like the God I don't believe in

My mother smiles at me warm and comforting

My friends congrat me but the meaning is empty

The are congratulating something they see as trending

My fathers' smile is indiffrent and he questions my intentions

Like I'm lookg for attention

Because that state line changes everything

Only this time it's not about slavery

My Grandmothers cheeks are as red as her political party

My brother is confused my step mom ignores it

He questions a faith I never-could-don't have

How can I believe in a God that hates me for me

I'm not afraid of the hate sent my way

Wrapped up in bows of slang

 They sing fag like it's my name 

My Girlfriend not my partner,why should the term change because we are the same

People scream when we kiss

For someone so young it must be a faze

That change of pace remains the same

That red line like a noose around my neck

Tugging me back every August and day made for thanks

Dragging me into a breathless state

For she is 7 hours away but well worth the hate

That comes with being Gay



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