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The representation of the legfall too short when comparedto attributes above the waistor that region of booty fame  
Bare feet, dewy grass, pumping legs; wind whistling in my ears, whispering secrets I cannot catch. Loathsome dread as I stare at yet another photo of myself.
“I fought in Vietnam. Watched my men lay down their guns.   Watched the life of my old buddy, Red, drain from his eyes. I heard the cries of a widowed wife,  as I told her, her husband died.  
Bony knobs on two tall trees, Faint white hairs and scabby knees. Calves like angles drawn in maths Glide lithe steps up rugged paths. Thighs of steel and hams like meat Help me beat a quick retreat.
I don't think birds realize how blessed they are. They are born with wings: the very instrument that so many humans crave. Yes, it is true, we have legs.
First day of school Take off your hat, are those tears in your pants? Give steps in and I was suddenly in their trance Pull up your pants she tells at the man besides me Are you freaking kidding me just let us be
My shorts. My bare skin. My long legs. My apologies.   I  wanted to wear shorts. I disrupted his education.
I wear a skirt to school like many other girls. A teacher stops me and says, "You're not in dresscode." Are you serious? I'm the only one..because of my legs. Long legs are a blessing and a curse.
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