Ambivalent Legs

Bare feet, dewy grass, pumping legs; wind whistling in my ears, whispering secrets I cannot catch.

Loathsome dread as I stare at yet another photo of myself.

Lying statue like on sizzling sand, allowing the brilliant sun to caress my bare legs.

Catching glimpses of a reversed version of myself in a mirror, allowing the distorted image to be permanently etched into my mind.

Traveling solo, exploring secret worlds, wandering worn paths beat down by countless animals before me.

Wistfully admiring the models plastered on the glossy pages of a fashion magazine preaching perfection.

Swinging myself branch to branch, thrusting off with my legs, seeking solitude and comfort with the rough bark of an old oak.

Distastefully staring while a cloud of lies blocks my vision, causing a relationship of hostility to form.

Frigid water biting my skin, golden hair floating mermaid like behind me, strong legs and arms paddling.

Hunger clawing at my stomach, gurgling for attention, as it’s calls go unanswered.

Profound layers of snow, my waterproof boots crunching over the twinkling surface noisily.

Contemplating the shaped mass of these legs of mine, questioning if they fit the manual.

Long legs stretching as the sun sinks into the horizon; my arms reaching towards the painted sky.

Determinedly tossing an accumulated pile of magazines into a garbage bag; striding towards the curb.

Agile hiking over rugged terrain, in an eternal quest to reach the peak.

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Our world


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