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Autumn comes and goes and soon the flowers die No Honeysuckle to last as the cold encroaches on her Down the hillside she use to grow but wilted stalks now lie Not to rise again ‘til spring so winter’s wind cannot shiver
Seven girls danced on a hill, On the last day of December. It was a short moment to fill, Wishing this time would last forever. As winter was moving to spring, Seasons of life moved as well.
If words can be a weapon and a bandage both Forgiving and transgressing with a little flick Yelling and whispering complements and jeers On this I then wonder why they need not a leash
Torn in each direction Heavily each force draws Enveloping the sole will Yearning to be free Except it’s not enough X over each lie and fault Perceiving gone they still are there
Yesterday is one less piece in forever. Onward moving without regret, Understanding nothing of human pain. Sometimes it would be nice to put Time on a leash, Eventually It could understand what it puts us through.
There is something missing between there and here Hope is not enough to cross the great divide Everything is riding on this Choosing whether to stand or run Having lost sight of the road Under darkness we fall
Have you heard a mocking bird? Every time he sings it is another bird’s song— Just mockery exits his throat, Only to lure someone into a bigger trap. I know some mocking birds well— Never a fowl word,
Maybe this is a beginning of a story, You’ll never know. Far from the beginning and the end, Another person might see the truth. The question is can you? Hearing only what you care to,
Live life Love life Live happy. Be happy Stay happy Live a life of happiness and always be alive.
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