human condition

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It’s hard to believe how far we’ve comeAs we go from learning to walk and talkTo misunderstanding war and lovePandora’s box has a brand new lock
This is what I know now, I can’t say tomorrow but I have this now,   Eventually, we all will vanish into nothingness, This is the absolute nameless horror of human existence,  
"Hearts entangled, between the sheets Sheets of musical score as if no goalie we freely proceed to create Passing passions participating in the same games Right place, right times, We collide.
I believe in the human condition
Time is a river, swiftly running from our clumsy attempts to capture it. Decisions in life chisel and erode our souls and mold us into who we become. Every so often we branch off to distant lands,
In the truth that is the existence of the world, We are the instigators of change; Of the Future. As we march forward into this new age, we are evolving into gods. The gods that we had once worshipped.
Man vs. machine, machine vs. man. How can one understand such struggle in this bubble we call the world. Airstrikes strike the air with such force, and now it's up to only us of course.
The bird carves out a sweeping arc, across the northern sky, The apparent utter weightlessness, accounts the dog a wry Grin, at such a sight of speed and easy grace.
These words that I avow: I'm only here now, and only now. But, soon I'll be gone.  I wasn't born to be anything, I feel it in my bone. When I see you there I think I'm wrong Don't let this be, my swan song.
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