"An Ordinary Coupling"

This is what I know now,

I can’t say tomorrow but I have this now,


Eventually, we all will vanish into nothingness,

This is the absolute nameless horror of human existence,


Desperation is rooted within all of

Our hysterical attempts of becoming timeless


Because there is nothing more human than trying to escape humanity,

And our finite existence has us begging for more time

So we can beg harder, so we can beg louder and just a bit longer


So don’t pity my unrealistic hope,

I feed upon it

Don’t tie us with separate ropes

Because you are the reflection of me

The definite within the temporary

And I walked the streets of madness to find it,

To find I in Us

To find I in Them

To find I in everyone

Soundlessly yearning to become something

Anything beyond the momentary


Because death is always hungry and never satisfied,

And time? Well time is a fucking fact;

There is no escape in that


So this is us, craving the seductive touch of infinity,

Even insanity, as long as we’re not the next ordinary,


And the caged within us are anxious to derive into curiosity

But we are cowards, and we cowardly continue to crush ourselves

Into the choking sanctuary of our reality


So please let’s wake from our echoing miseries

Let’s burn our heavy emptiness into turbulent entities,

Let us embrace the shunned clichéness of our existence

Because clichés are truisms, and they have chained us together

Chained us so close so we can learn compassion and empathy

But we still choose to practice vanity like its our holy duty,


But please

When we awake again from never gone to sleep,

Here, will be the same sun we all gaze up to,

The same air we breathe, without knowing how to,


Please don’t forget

The reigning truth of us

You are a part of me,

And I am of you,

I hope to see you again,

Sometime very soon

This poem is about: 
Our world


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