Watching Terminator Salvation is Living It


Man vs. machine, machine vs. man. How can one understand such struggle in this bubble we call the world. Airstrikes strike the air with such force, and now it's up to only us of course. I am his father back in time and like fathers he is mine in this resistance, "listen up" says John Connor "stay live, we have got to survive" and we listen. Every day we listen. Machines come to take us away, but yet I say we stand our ground, we don't just pack up and leave town. John gives me a picture of his mother, says he loves her, says she's in daaanger. But you can bet that I will saaave her and put my ba-by in her. The future, John Connor, you bet I will honor this task. Watch out! It's the Terminator coming to get you, think fast! Blow up blasts and molten cask-ets for these machines. Because we are human. And being human is not something you can program, not some kind of sick scam, it is real, real painful real great. Human. HUMAN. Hu-man. Man vs machine. What could mean more than to simply survive? You can bet that we will make it out alive...or at least try.


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