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lo my wife is all i see like a lost boy on a canoe lost at sea for the storm is at large my tears taste like salt from the sailing of the wife is all i see please set me free to a place where you and i can be, give me your hands come
My experience with love is  painful unforgettable betrayal Eight months making memories moments music Proving people wrong with clashing thoughts personalities
I am not here, invisible, undiscovered I am only noticed however undetected I am broken but easily fixed
"I'm hopeless."That's what I thought of when I satMy heart was pounding and I lost all my sensesI didn't know where to startWhat was breaking my heart
Lost. Hopeless. Tear filled eyes Gaze                 Upon the scene. The horror.   What mad game has the artist played? Conjuring up dark roots, Faded memories,
I walk slowly to my old closet. Dust bunnies colliding slowly with the intricate designs around the thing that held one of the deepest door to the soul.What does my Reflection hold?Who is on the other side?
 I'm technically single, yet my heart is taken. 
When I am running running from my problems running from the world,  I can  Stop.  And think. And write.  And be free.  And then maybe I can  Stop. And see.  And know
What it means to me.... With each and every word a story is waiting to be heard. From heartaches to heartbreaks I write what I feel. I feel what I write, I'll never be the same again, I can only learn from my mistakes.
The releasing of rivers, The screaming of light bulbs, Picking up scraps and bodies, Being washed over by waves and rivers, Invigorating air and pressing needles, And never, never,  Enough
This is like a non stop roller coaster With more downs than ups Everyday it's like eggshells Not knowing what to say
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