To The New World



Tear filled eyes


Upon the scene.

The horror.


What mad game has the artist played?

Conjuring up dark roots,

Faded memories,

Broken dreams.

To create such an image.

Such a feeling in the air.


Frozen in the snow.

In the hearts.


Only the artist knows the reason.

However, only he

Knows no pain.

Reserved for the audience,

Who lost,


What they cherished most.



Spreading across the nation

Atop fields of white.

A beacon,


The weary traveler home.

Signaling the ship the day is over.

Nobody came.


26 left port that morning

Never aware of the storm

Out at sea.

Blown off course,

Never to return home.




But like Columbus,

They discovered

A new world.

A new home.

Gazing back at us.

With us

From a place better than our own.



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