Ghost (I am still alive)

Sat, 02/01/2014 - 15:13 -- letip15


I am not here, invisible, undiscovered

I am only noticed however undetected

I am broken but easily fixed

I am always there,but unrecognized.

I will remain standing after I met death...

People are afraid of what I am

People deny what I am

But I am nothing.

A character,  a noise, a shadow, a figure

Whatever they decide to call me.

Yet I know what I am.

A damaged spirit, A pile of ashes

Truly I am a walking corpse.

Everything is gray, I sit next to my grave,

and watch my body decay.

If only they knew what  I went through... when I was still alive.

I am still alive.

Even if  I reject the allegation.

But, I didn't know full functioning body determined if you are alive or not....

For I feel dead...

I have already convinced myself that I am only a ghost in the fog,

disappearing after each gasping breath...

Am I ... sill alive?



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