God's Grace

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Here I am, again, alone, Wondering what to do. Should I talk to myself? Or watch movies in lieu Of the time I wish I had To spend here with you. Here I am, again, alone, Wondering what to do.
  The spirit of an earthly man is effortless. Buried in flesh and the ways of this world. Though living each day in his master’s indulgence, he is without internal conflict.
All I need is faith, God's grace. As I think of how far he's brought me, how could he leave me now, in this space? No, not in this place, which he created
  Here I am AGAIN Not a shoulder I'd rather cry Nor a friend I'd rather go to  God's the only one who can help me He's the only one who knows what I go through  the only one who understands
Catalytic fire, Exponentially growing To enlighten us Souls untouched by love, Which expand with rising warmth. We owe you our praise.
Let the sun rise up And the earth fade away Every soul cry out Open up heavens gate    We are gathered here Under your name Do away with fear And seek his face  
There is a secret to the monsters You see They crash and burn When it is that you succeed   Strive for happiness Strive for love  Strive for God
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