Spirit of a Godly Man


The spirit of an earthly man is effortless.

Buried in flesh and the ways of this world.

Though living each day in his master’s indulgence, he is without internal conflict.

The spirit of an earthly man is unchallenged, his path is elementary.


The spirit of a godly man is blessed and free.

He is His Father’s son, loved and guided by Him.

These things do not make the godly man free of strife.

For his path is of flesh and Heaven, he holds knowledge far beyond his comprehension.


Man is born with a crusade to understand.

He vehemently searches for the answers to questions he cannot discern.

His Father will always supply aid, though not in ways conventional to the man.

Because of this the man of godly spirit will find himself lost in the shroud of ignorance.


He will cry out to his Father in frustration.

“Father why must you confuse me! Am I not your son who has followed you with faith unfailing?”

His lack of knowledge will leave him at a standstill.

Heaven and flesh will war, true faith will be tested.


The spirit of an earthly man is effortless, effortless and exposed.

For he has no confirmation, his master will always flee.

When sorrow plagues him, the earthly man has none to turn to.

His life is utterly hevel.


When the godly man’s knowledge is limited and sorrow bears its sting, he will hear a voice.

The voice is his Father’s, He tells him to be patient.

The Father assures his child that they are not forgotten.

In time the answers shall be clear, sorrow won’t linger forever.


It's that voice which is enough for the spirit of a godly man.

His Father’s words bring him peace in the darkness.

He clings to the gifts of his Father; goodness, joy, and sanctity.

Heaven vanquishes flesh, the godly man thrives through He who gave him life.

For he is a servant of grace, not of this world.


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