All I need is faith


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All I need is faith,

God's grace.

As I think of how far he's brought me,

how could he leave me now, in this space?

No, not in this place, which he created

so isolated from every face, and trace of the human race. 

But could this be his way...

His way to show me how the world was meant to be,

not how people attempt to portray it.


All I need is faith,

God's grace.

His love is all I need.

Away from all the hate and disgrace of this world.

Away from constantly stressing to people that #BlackLivesMatter is more than just a hashtag.

My melanin skin is of equality, finally!

The tree branches, stars, and sand feel no superiority over me.

As I lay, we are one, in this space.


All I need is faith,

God's grace.

Here there is no judgement by others, just God.

There's no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Likes on a picture is not important, only being true to myself is.

Here, it's not about having a big butt or thin waist.

It's about keeping the faith and having God's grace.


All I have is faith,

God's grace.

It is enough for me.

His love and blood cover me as I lay in this sand.

Many may wonder how I survive.

But in the Bible Philipians 4:13 says,  "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me."

He has not failed me.

All I have to do is keep the faith, grace, and continue to pray.

God is love, and that's all I need.





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