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The Siren Bachelorette   From the producers of The Bachelor and The Island of Dr. Moreau Comes a new series; a dating show That fights for survival, while fighting for love.  
Oh, Fanfiction You are my addiction In film productions Where people are scared that the ships will be in destruction I never really understood grievance
Faythe was killed by my hand What have I done? I was expecting the death of Gabriel The damned Chosen One  
Coldest moon, deepest too That’s where I last saw you Warmest spring, darkest night My sorry dreams take their flight   To a land where the sun doth shine And you can hold your hand in mine
My father was the constant sun of mine Placed in the center of my universe, Dictating daily toils, joys, and time, My seasons, too- though seasons deeper go Than gravity due to the sun, for as
History, you say But you don't mean the war that tore the world apart Not this war (Not this world) History, you say Looking out at the past Remembering The broken soldier who learned to love
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