The Siren Bachelorette

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 14:41 -- Gormake

The Siren Bachelorette


From the producers of The Bachelor and The Island of Dr. Moreau

Comes a new series; a dating show

That fights for survival, while fighting for love.


Join ten lucky deckhands,

Fresh off of filming the reality show Below Deck

As they square off to meet

A lady quite mysterious.

With a voice of velvet,

Who, up until now, has lived in seclusion for almost thirty years

Talk about a girl who likes her alone time!


Join these men,

Brought together with the Siren

Through fate, chance,

And with the help of the rocky cliffs that stranded them there,


As they search for love

And feel the cruel pain of unrequited love’s sting


Yes, that’s right,

You’ve never seen a rose ceremony like this before

Everything’s coming up roses

Until they’re swimming with fishes.

“Eliminated from the show” takes on a whole different meaning


Try to run, try to hide,

But just like these men come to find,

You’ll be captivated by the show

Just as they, become captivated

And later captured,

by the lady of the hour, the Siren.


It’ll have you begging for more,

Just as the sailors did,

When asking for their lives.


A modern day fairytale.

Tuesday night, 9/8central, ABC.



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