Sororicide Lament

Faythe was killed by my hand

What have I done?

I was expecting the death of Gabriel

The damned Chosen One


I thought myself a clever man

At Heaven's Cove, I’d finally won

I was blind and failed to tell

That it was Faythe who would be ashen


I was taking my final stand!

I was finished being her shadow against the sun!

 Sororicide is what the people will yell

I will never be forgiven, forever shunned.


Blasted Aryhs with his elaborate plan

“Save your brother, Gabriel or your son”

he then had said The Chosen would dwell

At Heaven's Cove with none


“Everyone will know my name through history’s span!”

I sunk my blade in the body, my visage consumed with stun

Arhys had lied to me, the evil rebel

I thought it was Gabriel not a women!


I killed her! I killed Faythe! She was dead and I was beggin’

“My sister, My Faythe! No please not now! Your chest is crimson!”

“Stay with me for one second longer, I’m sorry! Oh God send me to hell!”

I could shout and scream and cry and try, but Faythe was dead, and I her villain.  


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