'escape' 'change' 'flower' 'spring' 'strength' 'power' 'people' 'human' 'me'

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A simple beauty, A symbol of strength , Its pride runs over , At a very fast pace. It's as wild as a wolf, It's as gentle as a breeze, A blazing glory there is, That can hardly be touched .
I AM NOT A POET!!! I am not a poet I stitch that in capital letters to the back of my brain as I write my poems, I am not the victim
This very yearEid did not arriveand Muharram never ceasedDiwali is here in all its gloryand the darkness yet dwells.
New places, new faces. Everywhere and everything is new. Nothing old or left behind, nothing blue. It’s a pretty scary place here. With nothing left to waste here, oh it’s true,
I am from where you pray over every meal you eat - whether in your bedroom or the dining room table.  
he went crossing oceans and climbing mountains but turned around to see she was skipping puddles and picking flowers as blind as she could be 
She must not be dupilcated her flowers must not be considered weeds full grown and mature of elegance and class do not limit her to just a garden  her strength will progress  through human suffering 
So much is different,Happiness is such an expensive rent, You expect me to be calm,To apply over these wounds a healing balm?
Walking in my neighborhood eveyone politely respondes when I say bye as soon as I cross the street ends the brotherhood I know I look different, but is it just me? My soul is breaking I do not understand
I would love To forget my thoughts Shed my mind Leave my problems far behind And be a flower   No one would hurt you No one would scare No one would bother No one dare  
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