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All the expectations and love for you Shattered and annihilated in a moment or two Building the castles in air, I was Pursuing you, was my biggest loss Deep in your self, I have lost mine
You cast the shadow. I tend to hide behind it. We are an eclipse.
The moon paints over the sun And reverses all emotion As day turns into night Your fears begin to take flight Mystery reveals itself In the dust on your bookshelf The whirling changes spin you around
For a moment I felt calm. A twilight zone entrenched with cool. The wisps of my hair caressed my face as I shaded my eyes with my hand.
There was a sempiternal supply of energy that night, The flireflies danced their ballad and the countless gathered to observe the spectacle. The sun and moon, two mystic lovers, would meet again tonight.
passing earth’s shadow opposite side from the sun lunar eclipses   a full moon’s shadow as beautiful as can be within earth’s umbra  
  Beyond the deep seas and endless skies large mountains and countless stars The moon rises among the crowded cloudsShows up for moments and with mist it shrouds
When blue meets black is at high noon
A Blood Moon NightWritten by Adam M. SnowTonight I watched in awe,the moon once pure and white.
The sun is brighter than the moon And I hope to see you soon The sun is your beauty The moon is your pain I will look so sue me Your smile holds my brain With you there’s more to see
What a day to travel the oceans of time For a love near or far. Such a night to fill air pockets with breath   World fall away I'd like to wake the dreams of yesterday  -E. Clips
Love,A Horizon compelled betweenTwo Suns and a MoonTrend carefullyBecause love is yet an eclipse that canDarken your path towards Enlightenment 
Do not despair in loneliness be like the sun and the moon (for even the sun and the moon meet to kiss) wait for the right time, wait for your eclipse.
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