Sixth Degree of Separation: The Lunar Eclipse

There was a sempiternal supply of energy that night,

The flireflies danced their ballad and the countless gathered to observe the spectacle.

The sun and moon, two mystic lovers, would meet again tonight.

Under the watch of millions he uncovered himself from the banket of night and rose to meet her.

Full of energy, she radiated thermal vibes and pulled him to her like a siren.

He threw himself at her, mad for the warmth of her glow.

And it all went dark.

Her energy, drained by her lover.

A fleeting moment later the long distance partners separated.

He returned to his marble throne and she to her sunny self.

As the others around me pondered this kiss I realized...

That she shinned her brightest when she was free of him.

And that he needed her afar to glow for countless seasons.

And although their love was a spectacle in the horizon,

They needed their space...

Love requires distance so that neither partner fades out.

Love is kind and understanding.

Love understands that we all need our own spotlight and chance to improve and shine as an individual.

And this I feel is an important concept...

Sometimes distance is a good thing.

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