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It is after your euphoria  When I ask you to love me  Not fuck.  Love.  And you turn away Where I wonder 
The mind can disconnect from the body when it is too painful to be in our vessel. Almost like a complete decapitation of the head, but the body is still of use. Now why would a person do that?
Maybe it slips out my ears while I sleep, the part that's connected to things.Maybe a mask of cool skin's growing over me - a little blot of flesh at a time. Nothing in or out.  
I’m feeling disconnectedIt’s not unusual I guess it’s because I forgot to think about all the things you said you love about meIt might be because I didn’t go back and look at the length of our phone callsThe heart emojis in your text messagesI’m
The days are slow and the calls come fast “Where are you?” “Who is there?” “Why did you wear that top” Questions go back and forth in little blue boxes
When I look at my friends, Do you know what I see? People that have meant the world to me. That was what I thought, And even still slightly feel, But how much of it is real?
He told me if I want change I have to be the change.Anything else is insanity.I just wanted four quarters for my dollar. .
Ive hidden from connection for so long, kept my distance from people to supposedly save my soul But when I look back ive only hurt my self because all of them have moved on I am here still disconnected Nothing to say
It's turning my thoughts into words that gets me
Slanted Like The Leaning Tower Of Pisa I. Am. Slanted. Though I Stand Enchanted By This Hungry Image Of Beauty, That Is About To Crumble, Tumble ,To The Ground, Only To Be Found In One Giant Mess.
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