Not Being Into You. An Explanation.

I’m feeling disconnectedIt’s not unusual I guess it’s because I forgot to think about all the things you said you love about meIt might be because I didn’t go back and look at the length of our phone callsThe heart emojis in your text messagesI’m feeling a little left outIt might be because I try to use tiredness as my reasoning, I try to blame scheduling as an explanation that I just don’t really want to leave my bedIt might be that when I’m in bed I feel like I can relax and it’s not that I can’t relax with you is that I don’t want to It’s that I find myself catching you talking about how perfect I am as you look in a different direction And maybe I don’t want to learn to live with that. I’ve kept myself at arms reach with my happiness And I’ve spent too long looking for my smile in others. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t look at you like you’re the white picket fence that will shield me away from my insecurities I’m feeling a little worn out. I guess it’s because you’ve seen my analogies curve around you, taking flight for someone else. Someone I haven’t even met yet. I’m sorry.I guess I forgot to see the me you believed in. And I’m tired of feeling sorry.

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