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She wanted you, but she needed something else not for herself though so she did what she knew best she let her wishes go she choose the need and she did get it she should be happier-a bit
Outward pour of a fluid form. Remain resilient amid morbid scorn. Corny words attempt to mingle. Story swords adept to symbols.   Macho man with a toothpick soul,
“Sing a hopeful song!”They said.“A catalyst for revolution!”They cried.“A song for the rebels…”They shouted.
Sirens.They tell me I am asleep.Serenity.A serenade of degrees.Tranquility.A trill of thirds ring in my head.Where do I find rest?The blissful chords.The whimsy of itchy ears.
Are you really you? Creature of my image seen Tangibly nothing
My life is a book of knots. feel free to read through them and watch me rot see I tried to die but I got caught  and I loved more, so much I thought
They say you only dream In black and white. If that's the case I've never seen Such vivid blacks and stunning whites As run through my mind at night.   Longing, peril, mystery; 
Well I've been sitting around lately
Delusions haunt us. Yahweh, Yeti, Zeus, Krishna All nonexistent. 
Because in the nook of your chest lies my desire Buried somewhere between your ribs are my dreams But yet your setting my heart on fire I’m bursting at the seams   It tears me to pieces to see you
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