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Rows upon rows of tennis shoes jumped and played around, sweet voices and laughter filled the air. Eyeballs were everywhere, observing, absorbing, deducing, condemning.
That initial start comes with a burst of excitement, special thoughts, high hopes and some enlightenment Ready to open minds like books and share content that is never written
When I was a young boy, I had a conversation with my mother. I asked her why she gave me the nickname "Chipmunk," And she said it was because I had the eyes of a chipmunk, Bright and curious and full of life,
I hate it so,
Bright lights, blurry vision
Blind sighted, the lines they dance to pipers unanounced, Lion's hiss, the spark and bounce, that'll traunce the transient, Posting yesterdays warnings, a dustbowel gone, wiped out with the men and mice,
"so how was your day at school?" "fine"every singe second i felt like shit and i wanted to come home and i wanted reliefe. "everything good with friends?"
The stars are shining bright In the middle of the sky Producing a faint light As I look up and sigh Their beauty is unmatched So bright and real I've grown quite attached To their perfect appeal
exhale— watch the tendrils of smoke dance before being whisked away. sitting on the porch railing his book open beside me as he searches for the meaning of life. he could give
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