conversations from the broken

"so how was your day at school?"

"fine"every singe second i felt like shit and i wanted to come home and i wanted reliefe.

"everything good with friends?"

"yeah" friends? what friends? you mean the people who get bored of me and find better people who replace me?

"what are your plans for today"

"nothing" go home. hate myself. lay down. hate myself. reflect on how i fuck up everyones life. take a look at my fading scars. decide that theyre fading too much. fix it. hate myself.

" are you okay?"

"fine" all i can think about is the razor that sits in my shower and how it can s easily slip into m flesh and set all the pain free.

"you look sad"

"tired"ive forgotten how to smile and laugh and not feel like im rotting."

"why are you crying?"

"allergies."im dying and you are standing right here smiling as my breath slows. im drowning and as the waves pull me under you watch happily from the surface. i am glued underneeth the tires of a car and you see the driver put it in drive and..."

"whats on your ankle"

"the cat got me" the things ive heard. the things ive told myself.  

"no it didnt"

"yes it did" fuck off.

"did you do that to yourself"

"no"im sorry to dissapoint you.


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