The Set-Up

That initial start comes with a burst of excitement, special thoughts, high hopes and some enlightenment

Ready to open minds like books and share content that is never written

Interest settles the foundation like pure soil but erupts stronger like volcanic turmoil as time passes

Conversations can be something to believe in, maybe deceiving, but never consistent to be even

Responses are drier than a raisin in the sun after blasting information faster than a silver gun

The dark tunnel tells more truth to end the initiation no more temptations to try to create relations with another

History has savored the traditions to meet and greet no fiction novels unlike currents of the day through apps blocking what we truly say causing an array of dismay

Then if standards are set high, your reflection becomes your best friend but something in the mirror reveals more

The set-up is corrupt, if the initial burst was still alive like fireworks on the fourth of July the story would not be complicated

Everything is somehow related the book should still be open for discussion but if there were true interest things will never die or become dry

Words will flow smoother than this poetry and there will be hope towards the end of something beautiful words cannot portray

The set-up lives by the title though playing with emotions like badminton leaving the birdy in the air sadly smitten

Whatever is left unsaid doesn’t become written concluding to the end back to square one, waiting for that initial conversation to last and maybe transcend

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Our world
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