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Flowers at bloom Water that falls With so much room Nothing is gloom When Paradise calls Smiles Collide Trees stand tall Fun for all Till we cried Bulldozers storm in
Love [noun] an intense feeling of deep affection
If there's light in love, How were we so dark? Why all this pain? why all the muck Love is supposed to be beautiful...   We were a Nuesance, to us and each other
It had been there for the longest time A nail in place of this heart of mine Eyes blank and wandering in darkness I never understood why it was mine But it always burned  
My heart will always want you In my world its only you My mind is mixed and you know it In my thoughts you are always in it   Youre the reason for it all And to be with you again Id have to give it all
"End of the River" I can’t see, Please! What’s to be? It’s known, what could, Living in the woods.
"You're Special" That's what he said But what you said was      that I have better things      to do with my life But life is meant to be spent       with happiness all around  
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