Love and Hate


[noun] an intense feeling of deep affection

That's the dictionary definition

But not what I know it to be

Love is broken glasses

Broken bones, and broken hearts

Love is twisted wrists and silent lips

Black and blue bruises

All up and down a still, unresisting body

That is what I have seen love be

In broken homes and broken families

Where children fight over scraps of food

And mold grows thick over everyones hearts

Where blood is shared by split skin

And tainted hands

I have learned what love is


[noun] an intense feeling of deep dislike

That's the dictionary definition of hate,

But don't worry, I know what real hate is

Hate is...

Well, to be short with you, hate is love

Except there's more

Because hate is sometimes silence

When noise is needed most

Hate is ignorance in the face of knowledge

Because love is horrible

But at least it can be excused

While hate...

Hate souds like a nasty word

And people fear it

Because if you're hated

The bruises don't need to be hid

The injuries don't need to be treated

The glass is being ground into your heart day and night

Hate is love

Except worse


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