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A Big Blue World Full of Dreams Shimmers Before Me. A Wish
We’ll sail through the galaxies, conquer the stars, Reach through the cosmos, colonize Mars. As a spacefaring civilization we’ll find,
America, the great dream That lured so many Still a renounced temptation   America the great dream of more More land, more space, more freedom   You can breath There is room to grow
ICARUS - a stiffened dream of humanity in his desire - to fly Space ships and airplanes is not full of human feeling that this dream has come true Our mind want to traveling around the stars and distant worlds
outside a man in a suit whistles    Briefcase set on sunbaked sidewalks  
What a bunch of spoiled bratsI look
                       The fire is the world The smoke sits                Can it always be?-- Never!     Smoke back to fire                    We envision the imposible
what are we but specks of dirt with too much lust and savage thirst who reap the land of all that's good till never more is there what stood and who am i but empty face consumed by this empty race
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