circle of life

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     A late fall morningI looked outside,birds were dying,some lying in my grassothers in and nearthe shallows.          *
Outside my window The last leaves left clinging to a tree Blowing against the bright sky are triumphant still   Fluttering relentlessly like one hundred starlings  Practicing to take flight
We are born, We breathe, We blink. We hear Blaring and screeching sounds of bundling babies, Basking in the blazing light, unaware of their destiny. The same Destiny of us all, our deafening demise.  
What is going on Chaos ensuing The scene in a daze A hazy fog drifts in What am I And everything collapses Who are you And memories fade The ground below you falls
A new life, she has a fresh healthy cry  A mother’s warm embrace, her soft coo Cheers and congratulations abound Friend and family gather with smiles  
In a world we live Desperately wanting to receive But forced to give Compliments turn to insults Children wanting to grow Looking up to adults They’ll soon know Adults don’t want responsibility
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