changing seasons

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… september breath of lazy in the breeze nuts and berries dripping juice dappled sunlight, ancient trees remembering - old summer memories of hazy dusks and blue twilights
November’s fires heat my face to flushing- the glow of autumn awakens the cinders in my heart and whispers a lullaby to the ants beneath my skin.  
              Winter Snow falls And everything looks the same. A world of white.           I Had just landed here.           I, With no strings, no roots, Unmoored,
Because I Love You I am patientBecause I Love You I let you make your own decisionsBecause I Love You I will support you
The refreshing change of the seasons   fills me with an immense need   for being at peace. For instance, when this cool tree sap Fall morphs into a wet smokestacky Winter,
Look beyond the mistakes that we make. Dig deeper then ever before to the matter of the heart. Life is an open road just waiting to be explored. You flirt with fire you will go up in flames. Folks your going to reap what you sow.
Ups and downs, All around, Don’t take me back, Don’t let me drown, This time was a tale of someone lost, They didn’t know it so they had to pay a cost, And now in the present the debts are due,
Fall has swept her scepter over the mountains But the valley refuses to bow. The aspens have acquiesced on the hills, taking upon themselves the new coat of arms
It's autumn season but I'm hot like it's summertime. The leaves are changing color from green to yellow, But I'm mellow when I'm riding Summer's vibes. Days get more bright and warmer
Fytte I- Winter’s Pass The river frozen solid Beneath, no stirring flow Icicles hang from the trees The pond is banked by snow No sign of leaf, dead or alive All is silent here
Upon a mid-summer afternoon The curtains find release Dancing with the wind Fluttering with the breeze Silent
Have you thought that just for a minute that am not not the person you hoped id be ? Our days are more gray and white, then them bright vivid colors they used to be . Can't ever seem to see eye to eye for nothing .
The autumn leaf; it drifts alongOne last remnant of days bygoneIt floats and it drifts, a twirl as it weavesIt cannot be bothered; shall do as it meansA memory to visit and, meandering, mourn
The light sunflower Diminishes through fall Until shriveled and dead
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