The Four Seasons



Snow falls

And everything looks the same.

A world of white.


Had just landed here.


With no strings, no roots,


I floated through the days.

I think I might have drifted forever.

But I met you.



The warmth in the air.

The sun setting over the beach

And the nights we spent

Looking for shells.

You told me about the stars.

I showed you the notebook

Which I had filled with dreams.

I think you knew what it meant.

I still remember the look in your eyes.

The way your fingers

Traced its pages.



There were bonfires,

And we whispered secrets

In the middle of the night.

The road trips,

And the songs that were more than songs.

Our fingers


On the steering wheel.

Some nights I couldn't sleep

And you couldn't either.

So we made castles together.

Sprawled side by side

Across the floor.



The leaves change in a million ways.

I think I love this place.

Do you know,

You're the only place

I ever felt safe

Or understood.

Really understood.

And the leaves change in a million ways.

I think I love this place.



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