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Mighty fools say his name like a prayer, whilst the wise  ones say, "How I curse thee Tony Robbins," If happiness is what we seek, then Tony phony-baloney's speeches should make the wise ones want to dance in toxins with goblins.
Dumb blonde Was she even blonde? Perfect princess curls Dainty yet American face Perfect woman, so they say Beautiful and dim-witted Wealthy? Perfect act All loved her
I see the casket and the mask inside, Held within the young sleeper’s bloody hands. How can kings pick the choice of suicide When they have control of so many lands? Only a grin given, no pain in face,
Los Angeles- bright and starstruck, Like the moon in the night sky, So vain and full of haughtiness, Proud of who she is, but why? She sticks her nose up in the air, And boasts her landmarks so well-known,
my family I blindly put one foot infront of the other for my brother we cover eachother my mother her lover is my father who pushes me further they nurture me like I am Ashton Kutcher    
I am the shadow of the person I used to be, still happy and involved,Sullen eyes and wearyWalking along like the deadWho would expect me to be where I am now? “The world is your oyster, how could you complain about the way your life is?”“Think of
Fame is a pill we give to our most beautiful.
We live in a world where celebrities have replaced role models And political leaders are universally labeled “liars,”   Childhood idols crowd rehab centers And Gagas have replaced our Ghandis,  
Macklemore, you have good intentions, with the song you have recently made, but being queer in America is  far worse than knowing how to draw in the third grade. "Write what you know" is good adivce for people like you:
My version of entertainment is not watching a family fight. It is not watching a man's life fall apart. It is not watching a girl flip over a table Not is it watching a girl get punched in the face.
Is it any wonder Apple is the name of her child? If Apple ate a candy bar, Gwyneth's bound to go wild. Mommy dearest won't let her darlings have any fun. Imagine all the fun they'll have the second they turn twenty-one.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sit in your seats, For you are about to read a great play, Of nothing but deceit: We push the people we don’t understand, We drown in our sorrows, Yet extend our helping hand,
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