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oh how you entice me brown hair green eyes  and that perfect smile  it’s like your asking for me to stare   but you don’t come with a warning
I see her The drunk girl  Happily stumbling into each friend Smile wide Eyes just a bit too glossy   She’s happy.
Look twice, save a life they said, I thought once, considering the instruction; It is known that a great number of lives are lost every day,
Fragile girl, handle with care, please.
Love is meant to last,  But alas, it is very fragile like glass,  It may break into little pieces that even when glued,  Taped together preciously or delicately sewed, 
Trust. Defined as the assured reliance on the character, ability, or truth of someone or something.   Trust is Knowing that what you believe in, what you put your hope in will not abandon you  
mm this is sweet, amazing to eat and a total treat! I wonder what it could be? its yellow but its not my pee. Its long and hard this is tricky, but its got a peel wippi! can it be an eel? no.. definetaly not steel..
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