can't live without

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You compose a symphony that consists of every sound that resurrects a grim memory. You seek solace in pain, it's the only constant you've ever known.
You chased stars,I ran after trains You threw yourself into dreams,And I jumped in front of carsBut in those moments When we sat by the tracks And looked into the sky Together,
Mindless A state of being without the mind A state I hope to never find For I cannot live without my mind  
A necessity, reason for living    Boil purpose down to the need of that thing Not one, but two    On the days I first laid eyes on you A willing captive, my heart    In death alone would I ever part
She's taken everything for granted. Her friends, her family, and her freedom have never been appreciated. She never realized she had done it. But now, as she lays there, naked and bare, on this cold table
Ask me what I can't live without, I'll tell with no lie.Ask me what I can't live without, I've got nothing to hide. Some would say water, Some would say food,Some would say shelter,Some would say you. I guess I'm not like them, Cuz that's not what
I hope, I wish, I dream Though distant it may seem That one day I will succeed And this is my only plea.  
Empathy? It is just one word.It contains only three syllables.Yet it is the enabling factor in my mind that allows me to not only see myself,but to also see you.  When my mother cries in her room,I give her a hu
  No Wi-Fi Signal :( Originally called the World Wide Web Has now become something we can't bear to live without The Internet, something almost everyone has used before
A voice. Such a small thing inside. It can be whisper, Or a scream. It can be written And it can be seen. But I cannot live Without mine. It is the gift Each of us is born with.
Stranded on an island with your family One would think you'd be annoyed, rather than filled with glee But unlike most, you find your peace Surrounded by love ones and the sea.
To live without the love of God Is not to live at all. It is no life to be alone And alone to fall. I know I have a freind in Christ And that is all I ask.  With grace and love to help the world
If your house is on fire, what would you save? What (or who) would allow you to be brave? If my life was on the line, I'd be sure to grab my family. Neither my phone, laptop, or time
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