Not One, But Two

A necessity, reason for living

   Boil purpose down to the need of that thing

Not one, but two

   On the days I first laid eyes on you

A willing captive, my heart

   In death alone would I ever part

Late nights, the same

   Only now the bottle has changed

New goals, life plans

   Based solely on those little hands

Lion roars, drum set pans

   Soaring through the breeze as superman

Four eyes, two smiles

   Even the tears of a crocodile

A broken record, sing ABCs

   Mimicking syllables if but to appease

Sticky yet slimy, unprompted kiss

   Cuddlebug requests never to be missed. 

The dependent, it is I

   For far too soon they will fly

Your desert Island, I'd accept with joy

   Sooner than one breath barring my boys

This poem is about: 
My family
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