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Coffee black The sound of gunshots in my ear As i watch the video, gloved hand on gun, the sounds echoing But i don’t even drink coffee
Territories fade into extinctionBoots overturn lands and flourishing empiresRocket Launchers flash into carded hillsBombs pelt municipalities into destruction  Haggard paths tremble under the weights of weary footsAs boundaries are marked in the c
What am I to do When the guns come marching by In their hollow faces and rickety skin
Tested is the silence that breaks the very air  Cruel is the loving hand that hits hardest  painful are the memories of past moments  sorrowful are the paths travled by lonely lovers 
Its like i want you to stay here an let my mind be at ease, but its hard to please when my heart is at need
A world dominated by people who have erased vulnerabilityFrom their thoughts, seems to be falling apart.We train ourselves to be stern and collectedTo not show emotions, because emotions are our downfall.
A War on the People The Government is Evil Solution, Bullets
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